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I love each and every one of my followers. Thanks so much for putting up with my shit and for making my Tumblr amazing :) My ask is always open, whether it's about football or not xx
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I'm going to add more pages and update pages and that over the next few days. I want to get everything tidied up before I go back to college on Monday because i won't have as much time obviously to be doing it (but of course I'll keep stuff updated, i just want it to be minimal effort). Barca pages to come. Also, hey check out my football cursor i love it :)


"Let me be your Mario Götze and I will be your Marco Reus"

Xabi Alonso & Fernando Torres asked by Anon

Anonymous said: Seriously baby goats are called kids? I prefer goatlings. No but really think about the possibilities if you were to date a footballer even if it was your dear Allen. You would get to hang out with the other footballers like once at least until they found out your extensive knowledge of them and got weirded out but you know at least once! That's better than nothing. Also I really loved Dublin but the part where the train station was was apparently some rising drug business area :D Howth though.

Goatlings I love it :’) yes….endless advantages…
haha, I’d definitely freak them out…I’d know everything about them😂 but like, who doesn’t want Studge as a best friend? (WE WOULD BE BEST FRIENDS OK). It would be amazing :’)
Howth is nice enough. Most of the train stations are a bit dodgy and kind of shit though. (Dublin bus and the Luas can also have some, em, unusual characters…)


German Footballers as kids

Part 2

-Part 1

The person I reblogged this from is beautiful.

Anonymous said: Btw prayer circle for Liverpool to. You are the reason why im supporting Liverpool. I'm gonna pray just for you 😁😁 love you so much

Thanks so much, we need your prayers
Aww, I’m so honoured :’) *hugs* ily (be warned this team is full of pain)
I’m kind of rooting more for Besiktas too because of you anon :’)

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Anonymous said: We scored first goal and most of the time we controlled the game but you know how small teams like. They were their side of the pitch with whole team at whole match and in the minute of 87 they scored the goal and we couldnt do anything. Also pitch was awful weather was rainy in Istanbul. I hope we will manage but it will be hard you know after this game

Oh well that’s shit. How is anybody expected to play well in those conditions tbh. :(
Bilic believes you can do it, so you can do it on :’)
But yeah, it’s not the ideal start I guess